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Key Stage 2

The Curriculum is vibrant and engaging and offers the children a broad range of skills and opportunities. Our studies encompass a whole array of areas, from maths as well as cookery and many scientific investigations. Where possible our work is practical, and learning is fun.

Speaking and listening plays a pivotal role in literacy. We utilise ICT equipment such as the Interactive Whiteboard, to present work such as class presentations and role plays, to name just a few.

Numeracy in Year 5 not only builds upon previous knowledge in all the key areas, such as number and the number system, and data handling, but also helps prepare them for Year 6. At the end of Year 6, children will apply to secondary schools of their choice and sit for their entrance examination.

In Science pupils enjoy themes such as: the Earth, Sun and Moon, Changing State, Life Cycles, Keeping Healthy and Gases around Us. Pupils work in teams and plan, prepare and carry out science investigations. The results from these investigations help to form their conclusions.